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In the heart of the Dandenong Ranges lies Nurture Creek, a serene farm-stay where we've had the pleasure of hosting over 100 families in the last two years. Our mission? To create an oasis where each visitor’s dream of a perfect farm stay comes to life. We've crafted our packages with care, ensuring each one offers a unique way to engage with farm life.


An Introduction - Heart-Warming Encounter: Looking for interaction? With our Introduction package, spend an hour per day with Bek and ask the million questions you have. From helping feeding everyone, collecting eggs, brushing horses to belly-scratching pigs, this experience helps you bond with our farm family, spend time up close with your chosen furry friends, or keep your distance and learn about them if you're nervous. This is where hearts connect and joy blossoms.

Farm Fun - Treasured Memories; For the animal enthusiast, the ‘Farm Fun Experience’ is a symphony of discovery. This is more than a stay; it's two hours a day of adventure into the soul of farm life. Delve deep into the lives of our animals, learn their quirks, their needs, and understand their silent language. Connect deeply with horses and form bonds to make your heart smile. This is the essence of Nurture Creek – treasured memories of an unforgettable experience.

Respite Package - The Ultimate Journey; fully customisable


We recommend a 3 night minimum in order to maximise your experience of both the farm and the Yarra Ranges.

2 nights means that by the time you check-in and check-out you’re only at the farm for one full day day and that just isn’t enough time to relax, enjoy, recharge and connect with the animals.

If you cant stay on your last night because you need to get back to work and/or school, you can at least enjoy the farm for the whole day - no rushing to get the kids up and packed and out by 10am. But if you can swing it on the weekends, you can head straight to work/school on Monday morning - have a laundry in the cottage so uniforms and work clothes can be ready to go!



There are so many different things to do during your stay at Nurture Creek. Here are a few of our favourites ways to spend the time here

  • Help feed the animals

  • Up close animal encounters

  • Horse experience

  • Bearded dragon introduction

  • Campfires

  • Guided nature walks

  • Stargazing

  • Poo patrol


    Nurture Creek is a hobby farm set on 20 acres in beautiful Monbulk, the crown jewel of Victoria's Yarra Ranges. There is so much to do in this incredible and iconic location, you'll never be bored or at a loose end...unless you want to!

  • Playgrounds

  • Parks & Gardens

  • Family Activities

  • Cafes &Coffee Houses

  • Restaurants

  • Bars & Wineries

  • Shopping

  • Groceries

  • Takeaway Food


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